Lake Worth Restoration Expert - Water Leaks Detection


Often all it takes is a small water leak to snowball into a massive flood, costing you thousands of dollars. It might affect your plumbing, causing significant wear and tear or corrosion or rusting. A faulty sprinkler system or leakage in the ventilation drainage system can also lead to substantial damage to your property. Timely identification of the problem and rectification can help you to avoid the problems that can happen due to delayed remediation. If you suspect water leakage in your property, call Lake Worth Restoration Expert immediately. We are the best known leak detection experts in Lake Worth, FL area and we have on board the finest technicians to spot a leak and fix it in the shortest time. Whether visible or hidden, you can trust our pros to find leaks and set them right.

Detect, don't delay

Homeowners often tend to put off repairs until the matter goes out of hand. The water loss appears insignificant so does the minor rise in the bills. However, in most of the cases, this can lead to further damage. If certain areas in your property get dampened due to water leakage, it can lead to mold growth. Also, water can seep into the structure and affect the integrity of the property, requiring extensive repairs and replacements. The more the delay in fixing a leak, the greater is the damage. If you think there is a leak, don’t delay at all. Just call us at 561-349-5365 and we will be at your doorsteps within minutes to resolve the crisis before it turns into something major.

Traditional vs. Contemporary: the best leak detection approach

The conventional method of leak detection comes with its share of pitfalls. Experts find out leaks on the basis of visual cues or by listening to the sound of running water. Next, based on their assumptions, they rip off a wall or a portion of the flooring. While they may be able to fix the leak if they find it after tearing off some parts of your house, there will be a lot to deal with after that. You will have to contend with repairs and cleaning up after the leak is fixed. At Lake Worth Restoration Expert, we don’t follow this method. With the advancements in technology, we too have evolved and follow scientific leak detection techniques to solve the issue.

Our experts are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and techniques that can detect leaks without inflicting any kind of damage on your property. We have thermal imaging cameras that enable our professionals to find the exact area of leak through temperature variations. We also employ ground penetrating radar and fiber-optic cameras to find the source of leakage.

What comes after detection?

Repair: Fixing the cause: Whether it is a malfunctioning appliance or a burst pipe, once we find the source, we fix it and ensure that there are no issues in future.

Restoration:  Rewinding the damage: If there has been significant water leakage and the damage has spread, some restoration work will also have to be undertaken. Whether it is replacing worn-out wallpaper or getting rid of mold growth, our experts can handle everything.

Prevention: Setting up leak detection systems: If you would like to install a system that would help detect or even fix a leak as soon as it occurs, our experts can help you with this.

Searching for the best leaks detection experts? We offer the fastest and the most accurate leak detection services in Lake Worth, FL area. Call us at 561-349-5365 for expert assistance.