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Mold is present everywhere, but when it grows unchecked inside your home; it can lead to severe damage. Mold thrives on moisture and the damp spots in your property can lead to its growth. Mold can eat into your property and cause unimaginable damage. If you suspect mold growth in your property, call Lake Worth Restoration Expert immediately for mold remediation by dialing 561-349-5365. We are the best known mold remediation expert in the Lake Worth, FL area and can help mitigate the damage and restore your property.

What are the causes of mold?

Water leaks: Faulty plumbing can be one of the reasons for mold growth. If the leak remains undetected for long, it can worsen. Early leak detection is the best way to prevent and fix water leakage.

Condensation: Cold surfaces such as concrete floors, window sills or metal pipes with cold water running through them may experience condensation, and this can cause mold growth.

Poor ventilation: If there is no proper ventilation in your property, the stagnant air can contribute to mold growth.

Humidity: If your home has a humid atmosphere, there is a risk of mold growth.

How do Iknow if there's mold in my property?

It is not easy to detect mold. It can escape your eye until the problem becomes severe and goes beyond control. Here are some clues to detect mold:

1) There's been some damage

If there has been some water damage in your property, chances of mold growth are high. Check your basement, attic or other areas where there are plumbing lines or sources of water. If you find stains on the walls or peeling paint in such places, there are chances that mold is present there.

2) You can smell mold

Mold growth gives off a musty, unpleasant odor. If mold growth has spread behind the walls, this is the only way to know about its presence.

3) You or someone else is sick

If you or one of the family members has been facing health issues lately, including headaches and respiratory issues, it can be due to mold.

I suspect there's mold. What doIdo?

Whether visible or hidden, don’t try to eliminate mold on your own. The problem cannot be solved with mere surface cleaning. At such times, only professional help from reliable can help you. While there are companies that would use bleaching or just painting the walls to cover the mold, these are only temporary measures. It won’t be long before the mold makes a comeback again. At Lake Worth Restoration Expert, we use advanced methods to completely eliminate the mold.

As soon as you call us, we arrive at your doorstep, wherever you are in Lake Worth, FL area and assess the damage. We then begin the remediation work and try to get rid of mold growth as soon as possible. Mold grows very fast and can spread quickly. We understand this and therefore, work fast to contain its growth. We also clean and sanitize the area so that your home is livable again.

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